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Wooden Fish Preschool

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child's intellectual, social, physical, and moral development in a safe and nurturing environment. 


Wooden Fish Preschool provides children ages 2-12 years in our day program a welcoming space where their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills are creatively nurtured through a play-based curriculum. We provide safe, stable care for families who want to encourage their children’s development in a setting that honors diversity and respects the environment in collaboration with families and the greater community. We also have an after school program that is available for youth 7-18 years with our partnering Non-Profit Wooden Fish Parents First.


Our purposeful play curriculum is the centerpiece of each classroom:

  • Teachers create rich learning environments full of art, objects, activities and tools designed to ignite the imagination of children.

  • Teachers observe children’s interests, their talents and their challenges and design the curriculum each year to meet the needs of the children.

  • Teachers join children on adventures of exploration.

  • Children are allowed to construct their own knowledge through experimentation.

  • Children form a classroom community and hone their social emotional skills in relationship with other children through: creating classroom rules, negotiating through conflict, persisting through challenging tasks, and learning to work as a team.

  • Teachers build literacy rich classrooms with reading and writing opportunities that are embedded in children’s play.

  • Children spend hours each day engaging in outside play in our large backyard.

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