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Whether you want a Birthday Party or put on a community event, Wooden Fish Parents unique mobile trailers can make your ultimate party wishes come true. With our Coordinators and state-of-the-art equipment, your party will be as stress-free as it is spectacular.

The team at Wooden Fish Parents First has been bringing fun to the Portland area for the past Five years. Ben Andrews and his team love preparing events as much as they love interacting with children and guests. From Portland and Beaverton to Vancouver and Gresham, The "Parents First" team will bring a fun and unforgettable party to you!

When it's time to celebrate the achievement of lifetime, don't forget the fun! Wooden Fish Parents First can provide a welcome distraction for the younger brothers and sisters, neices and nephews, cousins and family friends. "Parents First" can help you create a little intergenerational fun. Bonding with cousins, aunts and uncles is always more satisfying when it's fun.

Our Goal 

Our goal for these trucks and trailers are to provide long lasting memories for children and families. Many families involved in our program tend to come from lower income and we see the benefit in providing additional assistance. We want to be able to provide these benefits to all our children and families! Knowing that birthday parties and holidays can be a stressful time, our trucks and trailers are able to create an experience for these families who typically wouldn’t be able to afford the occasion. 


Wooden Fish Parents First - Will be teaming up with the families to create these events for free.


How it Works: 

Weeks prior to the event we setup a time to meet and go over the party plans and ideas. During this meeting we go over the do's and don'ts we are allowed to participate in, and will discuss our guidelines and policies. As a team we come up with roles each person should take on to make the event a success.  

Event Times: Weekends between 11am - 4pm or Evenings after 5pm with a 3 Hours MAX

Standards: No Alcohol, Beer, Drugs, Smoking of any kind, Language and Music not indented for children will be not be allowed 

We require everyone attending to sign our discloser and public release forms 





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