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Our Violence Interruption Team are trained individuals who intervene in potential violent situations to de-escalate conflicts and prevent violence before it occurs. These team members have backgrounds in conflict resolution and community engagement. In addition, the Community Outreach team engages with the community affected by violence to build trust, provide resources, and promote alternatives to violence. Outreach workers, have lived experience of violence, play a crucial role in connecting individuals to support services and addressing underlying issues. Our lived experience panel are individuals who have experienced violence share their stories and insights. These sessions aim to educate communities, policymakers, and service providers about the realities of violence and its impact, fostering empathy and understanding. Paired with local law enforcement, we provide training to community members, including those with lived experience, in conflict resolution, trauma-informed care, and advocacy. Building local capacity enhances sustainability and empowers communities to address violence independently. Big Fish partners with healthcare providers, social services, and community organizations to coordinate responses, share resources, and implement holistic solutions to violence prevention. Big Fish integrates these elements, to effectively address violence through proactive intervention, community empowerment, and leveraging the insights of those with lived experience.

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